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Simply Better Results

SKU’S software solution delivers more bang for your buck than traditional products. Our solution contains multiple suite applications which communicate with each other to help you manage your election, registered voters and the important internal/external resources. Our best-in-class technology is backed by a dedicated team of experts who not only provide knowledgeable customers service, but also share best practices, ideas and suggestions for making your voter management system work better for you.

Several innovations set SKU Corp apart from other VR systems and companies. SKU’s VRXG© system is the only product on the market that does not rely on patches to old, legacy database structures. Instead, our VRXG© system was built to be expandable and scalable, offering potential clients the opportunity to adapt to the Cloud, to modify the look and feel of the poll book touch screens, and to implement any changes that correspond to their needs.

Proven Technology

Built and developed by people who understand the election process...

Our VRXG© system is built on the newest technology platforms available, and can adapt to future technologies and serve all your business needs. The system is fully developed, exhaustively tested, and designed to mitigate inadequacies in U.S. voting systems. Not only do we provide state-of-the-art software, but our VRXG© system employs poll book technology that produces touch screen voter machine card activations. This technology eclipses the malfunctioning, obsolete technology usually seen in elections today.

Outstanding Service

SKU’s technology is backed by dedicated team of experts with backgrounds in Election Management, Consulting, and Technology...

SKU Corporation also has unparalleled customer service and ethics. We offer all clients the best product at a fair price. We include all modifications, changes, and upgrades fees in our final pricing, so you’ll never find a hidden fee. No other firm in the industry offers this. You, the client also gets complete ownership over the code, so the VR system is truly your VR system. SKU Technologies is dedicated to challenging the ‘old way’ of conducting business in the voter registration and election management industry with our adaptable, cost-effective, and user-friendly VRXG© system.


SKU Corporation has developed an innovative, adaptable Voter Registration system: the VRXG© system. VRXG comes from Voter Registration Next Generation and reflects the fact that our system is the most modern Voter Registration system available. VRXG is adaptable to any election jurisdiction and will handle Vote-By-Mail flawlessly. It will work for jurisdictions large and small.

SKU Corporation is there for you every step of the way. It’s a team effort between you and our system architects to implement the best VR system possible.

We’ve even developed a full set of practices, tools, and techniques, including educating and training. We give all your employees the tools they need to handle the transition process smoothly and with confidence. See screen shots here.

YOU ask for it, and we deliver. It’s truly that simple!


Our product is a robust and efficiently integrated solution of all of your voting needs. VRXG can handle major-scale voter registration and management from the largest jurisdictions to the smallest flawlessly.


The VRXG code is fully compliant and certified by the state of Illinois with all election laws and legal requirements.

Full Cycle

Our program is a one stop solution. VRXG includes Grace Period and Early Voting integrated into the application.


The tedious process of file maintenance is side stepped with VRXG's Digital Database. With this database, all files are stored as scanned images and Voter Attachments. You no longer have to deal with the cumbersome process of file maintenance again.

Complete Solution

VRXG is your battle tested, full cycle, imaging included, certified, and code compliant solution advantage if you so choose. All of these functionalities are included in one single application. SKU is the one stop shop for all your Election needs.


SKU solution architects work with your team members and collaborate on the system and how it should function for you and your organization. Our VRXG© system can be rolled out in phases, or all at once, giving all users a chance to learn the system with hands-on experience. SKU commits to collaborating with you to ensure that you and your voters have a trouble-free election.

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VRXG Modules

Click on a module to see detail...
County Voter
Voter Card Print
Vote Data Entry
View Scan
Attach Review
Ballot Application Review
Attached Skipped
Voter Registration Number (VRN) Maintenance
Deleted Voter
Voter Listings
Paperless Online Voter Application (POVA)
Vote by Mail
Early Voting Reconciliation
Early Voting Location
DVI / Student Search
JI (Pre-Trial Detainee)
Rejected Application
Absentee Import Review
Web Import to Absentee
Vote by Mail form 500 Review
Vote by Mail Request Search
UPS IBM Label Creation
USPS IBM Scan Import
Polling Place
Precinct Search
Delivery Status

EJ Limit Maintenance
Election Judge Address Audit
Election Judge Payroll
Incomplete Applications
Election Judge Web Application
Deputy Registrar
Organization Sponsor
County Voter
Nursing Home
Nursing Home Election Judge
Nursing Home Rejected Application
Nursing Home Payroll

Election Coordinator Search
Election Coordinator History
Field Assignments
Unassigned Nursing Home Investigators
Investigator Web Application Review
County Voter
Incident List
Ballot Print

Provisional Search
Provisional Data Entry
Same Day Registration Search
Run a Report
Reprint a Report
File Export
File Export History
Voter Listing
Street Maintenance
GEO Code Maintenance
Error Log
Report Incident

Election Setup
Contest Setup
Create and Export GEMS file
Create and Export Dominion WinEDS file
Import GEMS Ballot file Information
Unity Systems import and export


City of Chicago

Chicago has 1.5 million registered voters, and has used VRXG for 7 elections:

• 02/17 General Municipal election

• 11/16 Presidential Election

• 03/16 General Primary election

• 04/15 Municipal Run off election

• 02/15 Municipal election

• 11/14 General election

• 03/14 Gubernatorial primary election

McHenry County

McHenry County has 300,000 registered voters, and has used VRXG for 4 elections:

• 04/17 Consolidated election

• 02/17 Consolidated Primary election

• 11/16 Presidential Election

• 03/16 General Primary election

Cook County

Cook County has 2 million registered voters, and is currently customizing VRXG for:

• 03/18 Gubernatorial primary election

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Our Story

We started in Chicago in 2012 when the City of Chicago found itself without current voter registration software. SKU was founded and immediately began working with The Chicago Board of Elections Commissioners to develop a new system that would meet the City's unique requirements. The SKU team began crafting an innovative system by seeking ideas and feedback from staff and supervisors who work on elections administrative matters every day. During initial development SKU developers processed over 1,800 requests for modifications and changes from Board staff!

After two years of development and testing, The Chicago Board of Elections Commissioners purchased SKU's solution for Early and Grace period voting operations for the March, 2014 Statewide Primary Election. Our system has processed over 500,000 early votes without error and is used in every election held in the City of Chicago.

Recent additions to our system allow voters to activate their cards directly from the poll book, which removes human error and increases the accuracy of the voting process. When President Barack Obama first experienced our system at his polling place he commented "...that is very fancy." SKU has a promising future based on prior accomplishments, and continuous collaboration with our clients ensures our systems provide the utmost usability and satisfaction.

So Why SKU?
Other Voter Registration firms begin with a software product, then modify it for each customer. SKU’s versatile system allows us to do the opposite - we start with the client, ask what they need, then build around their specifications and preferences.


  • No charges for upgrades and or modifications during the lifetime of the contract.
  • System components to pass all ballot styles, districts, and precinct information between the State and counties.
  • Complete access to all code, processes, and jointly shared intellectual property rights.
  • This is a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) system in which YOU own the code.
  • Direct connections to any data source available, including Department of Licensing.
  • Effectively interface with third-party application.
  • Meeting your current and future business needs through our highly-automated code.
  • Our system is expandable and scalable.